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Higher education in VIVT

Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) is an autonomous non-profit educational organization of higher education. VIHT has been carried out fundamental and professional training of high-skilled personnel in the fields of IT-technologies, Computer Science and Engineering, Technosphere Safety, Service, Innovation Studies since 1992.

VIHT provides training for students from near and far abroad countries at all programs realizing the system of extended studies: secondary professional education higher education - Master degree programs Postgraduate Studies - advanced professional training. Mode of study for international students is full-time. VIHT takes up the leading positions in the ranking of higher educational institutions offering IT-education in Voronezh.

Voronezh is a regional capital and major cultural, economic, industrial and transportation centre of the "Black Soil Region" of Russia. It has long been considered as the student centre of Russia. Voronezh is situated on the Don River which is one of the largest and most beautiful rivers in Europe. The population is 1,014,610 people. The area is 340 square kilometers. Voronezh is 250 miles south of Moscow and easily accessible by overnight train or one-hour flight Moscow-Voronezh.

There are a lot of nature reserves, historic and archeological sites in its suburbs. The architectural appearance of Voronezh combines old buildings and modern neighborhoods. There are lots of parks, fountains and flowers in the city.


According to the results of the training, a bachelor's degree is issued, a sample approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, and a Bachelor's degree is awarded.


According to the results of the training, a master's degree is issued, a sample approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, and the qualification "Master" is awarded.

Postgraduate study

Upon successful completion of postgraduate studies (based on the conclusion that the dissertation meets the criteria established by the Federal Law "On Science and State Scientific Policy"), a postgraduate certificate is issued.

Admission Procedure

Simple and user friendly admission process

Sending the documents

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Preparing the invitation

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Obtaining the invitation

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Applying for single-entry student visa

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Legalization of the documents

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Arrival to Voronezh

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The main advantages

Modern education The programs are constantly updated to meet the demands of the labor market. Students develop professional and flexible skills, as well as gain additional competencies in majors and courses from leading vendors.
Flexible approach Elinos' own educational platform allows students to study in a comfortable way, combine study and work, as well as access the resources of electronic library systems.
Affordable price VIVT has a loyalty program that provides discounts, bonuses and special offers to applicants, students and graduates of the holding.
Care and attention from VIVTFamily Each student receives support from the curators and the socio-psychological service. Specialists help the children cope with the difficulties that arise and adapt to a new place!
Bright student life Our students are never bored! The children are engaged in volunteering, sports, science and creativity, regularly participate in traditional events, All-Russian gatherings and festivals.
Highly qualified teaching practitioners The teaching staff of the university consists of scientists, practicing entrepreneurs and managers. Teachers use modern pedagogical techniques and technologies.
The project approach Students have the opportunity to participate in the development and implementation of projects. This helps students expand their professional competencies and get closer to potential employers.

VIVTexpo: «Tekhnobashnya VIVT» application

One of the mandatory features of a modern digital university is the presence of its own mobile application.

The application "Technobashnya VIVT" contains all the sections necessary for the applicant.

– You log into the application and enter a virtual building, which is an accurate 3D model of the VIVT. You have the opportunity to move between floors and enter offices. Once in the audience, you can study it carefully, read the description, and also get a useful link.

– During your trip to the university, you will be accompanied by an avatar of VIVT. He will tell you about the professions in demand, the necessary skills and salary expectations at the entry level. The profession card will contain a link to the relevant field of study at the university.

– The application includes a training module: after getting acquainted with the professions and areas of study, you will be able to consolidate your knowledge through tests.

– And where to go without quests: for holidays and important events, we add games to the application. The most active users receive our merch or gifts from partners.

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Students Testimonials

Vanessa Lee

Beijing, China
I studied at Chongqing University of Technology, which has been closely cooperating with Voronezh Institute of High Technologies for many years. The international interuniversity exchange program gave me a chance to come to Voronezh to study the Russian language. The year at the preparatory courses at VIHT was wonderful, I managed to gain valuable experience, learn Russian, better understand Russian culture and people. After my graduation, I was in Russia several times. And every time I felt at home.

Lea Djoko

Studying at VIHT is a great choice: it offers you high-quality education and also a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Souleymane Bah

The Republic of Guinea
I highly recommend VIHT for anyone who is interested in studying overseas. Here I feel that the teachers really care about my progress in studying. I love #VIVTfamily!

Richard Tuffour

In Russia people are nice and friendly and they always try to help you. This is also why you should consider studying at VIHT – you can always rely on someone to help you, you will not be left on your own.

Richard Tuffour

In Russia people are nice and friendly and they always try to help you. This is also why you should consider studying at VIHT – you can always rely on someone to help you, you will not be left on your own.


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